My Genealogy

Genea Program

I am currently busy moving my old MS-DOS genealogy program, Genea, to the Linux and Windows environment. The question might be, why starting a new genealogy program when there is many genealogy program like Paf, Legacy, etc? The most of the existing programs have been developed by the Mormons and it serves their needs which is not necessarily the needs of the South African genealogical researcher. For example it does not the de Villiers numbering system. The programs are written to create pedigree charts and is therefore not really suitable to handle full families like Smit, van der Merwe etc. They also most runs only on the Windows platform. Then there is the cost aspect.

Initially Genea was written to handle a full family using the de Villiers numbering system. The goal of the new versions of Genea is:

  • The source code will be open source under the GPL license. It means that the source code will be made available so that anybody will be able to improve it or correct bugs in it. It also means that the program will be free.
  • Since the program will be open source the program is developed with the Lazarus open source IDE. Lazarus allows one to develop the program on Linux, transfer the code to Windows, compile it there and it runs.
  • The program will use the open source SQLite database.
  • The program will be able to run on Linux, Windows and Mac.
  • Handle families using the de Villiers numbering system.
  • Storing of baptism, marriage and gravestone information.
  • Creation of pedigree charts.


Click here to download the program.