My Workshop

Moving of Lathe

At one time I had decided to move my lathe to another place in my garage. But to move a lathe of over 300 kg is not an easy matter. Taking the lathe apart was not an option so I needed to came up with another plan. Eventually I got the idea to use the four old bearings that I had as wheels under the lathe in order to move it. The bearings were fitted to the ends of a 25 mm square bar. Two short pieces of rectangular steel were welded to the bar in order to get the correct height and to provide a bigger contact area under the lathe. The lathe's adjustment feet was used to lift the lathe and the wheels placed in position under the lathe. Then the lathe was lowered onto the wheels and the adjustment feet removed. The lathe was pushed by hand to the new spot and the adjustment feet reattached. The lathe was lifted again with the feet and the wheels removed. Click on the thumbnails below for a bigger picture.

    Wheels ready to be moved in position under the lathe. Lathe on wheels.