Workshop Resources in South Africa


Aluminium can be bought at Stalcor.1

Copper pipe

Copper pipe and fittings can be bought at Hyflo.2


Cork in al shapes and sizes can be bought at African Cork Supplies.3

Lathe Accessories

Lathe tools, cutting fluid, etc. can be bought at W.D. Hearn.4 It is also the place to go and have a look if you are looking for a second hand lathe to buy. Their main business is CNC machines but they buy and sell also second hand lathes.

Oil for Colchester lathe

I have a Colchester Bantam lathe and needed to replace the gearbox oil. The gearbox needs Shell Tellus 27 oil but it has been discontinued since 1987. The replacement oil for it is Shell Tellus S46. A good oil for the lathe bed that is not easily washed away by the cutting fluid is Tonna T68. The oils can be bought at Triangle Lubricants.5


Flat rubber can be bought at Rubber.6


Disclaimer: I do not have any arrangement with any of these suppliers.

1. Stalcor: 87 Bosfor Circle, Epping Industria II, Cape Town. Phone 021-507 9600

2. Hyflo: 50 Neptune street, Paardeneiland, Cape Town. Phone 021-511 7021. Fax 021-511 4456.

3. African Cork Supplies: 44 Marconi Road, Montague Gardens, Cape Town. Phone 021-551 2335. Fax 021-551 2639.

4. W.D. Hearn: 25 Mail street, Western Province Park, Epping, Cape Town. Phone 021-534 5351. Fax 021-534 3374.

5. Triangle Lubricants: Industrie street, Kuilsrivier. Phone 021-903 0191/2.

6. Rubber: Binder street, Parow, Cape Town. Phone 021-92 8107. Fax 021-92 0233.