The La Colline Weather Station is not a official weather station but is part of a hobbyist project. The selfbuild weather station began life in early 2005 but soon developed problems due to too much exposure of the board to the elements. The data from that time has been discarded. A new weather station with adequate protection for the board was build during the latter part of 2005 and version 2 of the weather station began gathering data on 23 January 2006. The station was positioned on the roof of the house for security reasons and for the measurement of wind. In 2010 the weather station again developed problems due to the corrosion of the wires. Since it proved difficult to service the station on the roof and that it is not a good place to measure temperature the station was moved to the ground. Temperature and humidity are now measured at the standard height of 1.5 meters above ground and as far away from the buildings as possible. The instruments are housed in a Stevenson screen and the covering beneath the station is grass. Wind speed and direction is still measured on the roof. Rainfall is measured at the standard height of 0.6 meters above ground and is measured daily by hand.

A better version 3 of the station is planned.